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Lankelma is in the pre-construction sector and specialises in cone penetration testing. Their service gives construction companies an alternative to drilling when they’re investigating the ground before construction begins. The company is committed to sustainability, but wants to go further and embed it fully into their ethos.

Accessing funding

They first came to our South East Hub, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, for funding support. We helped them get a grant through the Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme that enabled them to install solar panels on their buildings. Since then, we’ve helped them get a carbon footprint audit and make contacts in the wind power industry.

KTP innovation funding

The support around grant funding and renewable energy opened up a conversation with the University of Brighton about a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). A KTP is a funded innovation partnership between a business and a university that lasts from one to three years.

Lankelma successfully applied for a KTP with the University. The partnership applies an academic team’s geotechnical and sensor development knowledge to facilitate rapid design and development of innovative sensor combinations.

Chris Dimelow, General Manager at Lankelma, said:

“The success of the project will enable us to offer a higher quality, improved reliability and a more bespoke solution to our client’s needs. It will also enable us to ‘future proof’ the technology and keep us on the fore front of advancing techniques. The contribution provided by University of Brighton will enable the results of the project to become embedded in the business.”