FREDS is a service platform that provides a fast and simple way to perform building energy simulations, and help choose the most appropriate building components and systems during early design stages.

The company offers a complete and accurate evaluation of the energy and comfort performance of a building design considering the climate, the use, the geometry and the construction of the building itself.

FREDS is a start-up born from the research developed by Marco Picco during his PhD studies. Before receiving the support from Clean Growth UK, the team had developed a demo version of the platform, but they needed support in making the fundamental step forward in developing a usable version of the online platform and an associated business plan for the company.

Funding and expertise

Clean Growth UK helped FREDS with finance and access to academic expertise.

We helped the company apply for 2 different rounds of funding that enabled them to continue developing the platform, and we provided support in the development of the code and data for the databases with University of Brighton academics.


The support helped move the company forward and they now have the first version of the online platform complete and available online at The company is readying up for an official launch and marketing drive.


“The support of Clean Growth UK has been essential to access two consecutive rounds of funding that allowed us to develop our online platform and associated databases. The support focused not only on accessing the grants, but also in the delivery of the required activities. We look forward to receive continuous support from Clean Growth UK as the company solidifies and expands”.

Marco Marengo, Director of FREDS4Building