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Flutter Shutter

Flutter Shutter, formally known as Energy Fairies, is an award-winning, family-run energy efficiency company based in Liverpool. The company approached our North Hub, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), with an innovative idea for a thermal blind system made from sustainable materials. The blind fits a home’s existing window frames. It looks like a standard plantation shutter but provides extra thermal insulation.

Proof of Concept

The team at LJMU worked with Flutter Shutter to test the proof of concept and performance of their prototype. A test setup was installed in the University’s exemplar houses, allowing the team to measure their performance in three different building types – a 1920’s, a 1970’s, and a present-day house.

The testing also looked at how the company’s product compared to a conventional plantation shutter. A carbon assessment of the product was also carried out, to measure the total greenhouse gas emissions the product would generate.

Flutter Shutter now have a good idea of the performance, comfort level, heat loss, greenhouse gas reduction of their product, enabling them to plan the market launch of their blind with confidence.