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Kinley Systems

Kinley Systems manufacture and supply high-quality landscaping systems to landscape architects, general architects, developers, contractors and designers for garden and urban landscapes.

In October 2021 they formed a sister company, RAAFT, with the vision of becoming the first choice for commercial terrace fit-out globally by making outstanding terraces through creative, versatile systems.

The company is collaborating with our South East hub, the University of Brighton, as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Sustainable growth and strategic management

The partnership focuses on embedding strategic management and marketing capabilities in the business.

The company is working closely with the University’s Business School and is employing Itohan Uwaifo, Business Transformation and Marketing Manager and KTP associate, to work on the project:

“My experience as a KTP associate has been quite an interesting one so far. I am excited that this project is affording me the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to a real-life business challenge. The KTP project provides a unique platform for graduates or postgraduates to experience the best of both worlds – Academia and the Corporate world. It is intriguing that my role is central to RAAFT’s business strategic development and long-term growth and that has kept me enthusiastic to see how we can achieve this. I also like the support the University of Brighton has been providing through my academic supervisors Dr Francisca DaSilva and Dr Andrew Grantham and the Green Growth Platform”.

Stuart Bowie, MD of Kinley/RAAFT, said:

“We recognised a KTP to be an excellent opportunity to embed of a wide range of innovative and sustainable business management research methods, enabling cultural change and new product development plans that will position the company well for future growth.

The sustainability element of this programme is key, since it will allow us to grow and refine our product offering to address environmental needs, and the contribution provided by University of Brighton will enable the results of the project to become embedded in the business.”