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Meloy Architecture and Design

Meloy Architecture and Design provides high quality contemporary architectural services with a strong focus on sustainable design. 

Our South East Hub, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, helped the company get a  LoCASE Business Development grant. The grant helped fund a Passivhaus studio, that will be used as a workspace and as a demonstrator building showcasing sustainable construction.

A new workspace to drive expansion 

Charles Meloy, Director, said:

“The grant has made the project more affordable, due to increases in costs in the construction industry. From a business point of view, the studio will positively impact our work. It will be a dedicated workspace for us and unlock the potential to grow. We hope to employ one or two people in the near future to assist with our work. The range of work we take on and the size of the practice will be enhanced.

Support with the paperwork

“To get the grant, there’s paperwork you have to do to put forward, which felt wholly appropriate. There’s a certain level of test to secure the grant. I thought how it was pitched and the amount of information that had to be submitted was very appropriate. The assistance we had from Kerry Byott was superb, she was very helpful throughout which we are grateful for. Having one main point of contact throughout the process made it a lot easier for us too.

“I’d absolutely recommend LoCASE to other businesses.”