Upcoming Events

Marketing Oomph South
  • Date   4 x half day sessions, starting on 24 September 2020, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM,
  • Venue:    Zoom
Our renowned Marketing Oomph workshop is designed to help you nail your marketing strategy.

“It really was one of the most interesting, informative and fun workshops I have been to.”

This workshop will be facilitated by Clean Growth UK Strategic Advisors Creative Bloom.

Run by the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, Clean Growth UK’s South East Hub.
Clean Growth Innovation South
  • Date   
  • Venue:    Virtual
Clean Growth Innovation is about optimising your business performance. It’s a commercially-driven ethos that drives down costs and carbon footprint, improves resilience, and positions your business as a leader.

At this FREE virtual workshop, you’ll identify and learn about the most impactful actions you can take under tailored guidance from Ian Trow, MD of Energy and Automation.
The Future of Materials
  • Date   
  • Venue:    Hop In
From the mixing of copper and tin to make bronze to the digital revolution made possible by silicon, materials have shaped the course of humanity. And as we find ourselves facing the defining crisis of our time, how can material innovation help us win the race against climate change?

Hear from industry-leaders, entrepreneurs and academics to share their insights into the future of materials and its impact on our lives.