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Innovation lies at the heart of every great business. Those that adapt, thrive.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a funded business partnership with a university. It can be a highly effective, low-risk vehicle for transforming the way you do things at the core of your business.

It’s a world-leading programme that provides links to the expertise you need to grow your business.

Businesses use them to:

  • Develop a new product or service
  • Adapt to new market conditions
  • Change business model or structure
  • Overhaul an inefficient process

The Partnership gives you funding to employ a high-calibre graduate in a role designed specifically for your project. The graduate works in your company with guidance from an academic team at the University.

Typical business benefits of a KTP

  • Average one-off increase of £113k in net profit during the programme
  • Average projected increase of over £1 million in annual pre-tax profits
  • Two new jobs created
  • Increase in skills of existing staff.


Source: Innovate UK

How it works

  • You only pay 33% of the costs of the project if you’re an SME; large businesses pay 50%.
  • You employ a high-calibre graduate (called a KTP Associate) to work on a specific innovation project.
  • The graduate is supervised by you and an academic team at the University.
  • Partnerships last between 1-3 years.
  • You get support from the University throughout, including the application process.


Is my business eligible?

Companies from a range of sectors are eligible to apply for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

To be eligible, companies should:

  • Have the infrastructure to support the KTP Associate and the project.
  • Have at least five employees.
  • Have been running for at least two years.
  • Be an SME or, if larger, be able to demonstrate that knowledge will be transferred to SMEs within their supply chain.

Our investment in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships has been one of the best we’ve made. Our collaboration has been characterised by academic rigour and a clear commitment to our commercial goals.

Gina Fitch-Roy, Commercial Director, Dando Drilling