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Beyond Procurement

Beyond Procurement is an award-winning consultancy based in West Sussex that helps businesses reduce costs whilst cutting their carbon footprint. They have developed a seven-step roadmap to guide businesses along their net zero journey called Zero.

Our South East Hub, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, helped the company get a LoCASE Business Development grant.

David Robertson, Marketing Manager of Beyond Procurement, said:

A refreshed brand identity and access to new markets

“LoCASE helped us develop our new brand identity and create a better website. It helped with our wider presence and engagement too.”

“The LoCASE support is also helping us to scale and communicate the ZERO service to a much wider audience. ZERO is a certified, 12 month support programme with sustainability consultants to help businesses become carbon neutral and create a net zero strategic report and action plan.” 

“This will allow us to scale. We developed our USP (unique selling proposition) and can now communicate our offer more efficiently across many more sectors than we had envisioned. It opened up new markets to us.” 

A straightforward process

“Working with the team has been fabulous. I have a track record of delivering public sector grants, so it was quite straight forward for me to complete the application and understand the dynamics of what LoCASE were looking for.