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Ambiental Environmental Assessment

Ambiental Environmental Assessment use complex data and sophisticated computer modelling to predict flood risks.

Their assessments help developers, banks, insurers, planners and government agencies to make informed decisions that protect people’s lives, property and assets.

We’re proud to be a Brighton-based business. This city is full of great technologists, academics and innovators. The partnership with the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform has enabled us to really establish our role in this hi-tech community.

Paul Drury, Product Manager at Ambiental:

Access to additional support when we need it most

“Our exciting work calls for flexibility. If a major flood event occurs, our technology is called upon to analyse the situation. After becoming part of the Green Growth Platform, we were able to get talented students onboard to help us tackle big projects with quick turnaround times.”

Offering students the chance to build their skills

“Our work can be challenging and fast-moving. For a student, the opportunity to work on our projects can really help them build their skills. In return, we get an enthusiastic, skilled and genuinely eager student to learn how it feels to work in a technology-driven enterprise like ours.

It’s a great exchange – we get to mentor and support smart students as they build their skills and learn about high-tech industry – in return, we get the skilled help we need when we require it most.”

Building relationships that last

“Afforo joined our team open-minded, eager, and keen to learn – he became a huge asset to us. He wasn’t merely task-focussed, he wanted to really learn about how a business like ours works – and we were happy to show him.

We were so impressed with Afforo that when his placement came to an end, we decided to employ him on an ongoing basis. We’d got to know each other and we didn’t want to lose the skills he had developed with our help. It’s great to have him on the team.”