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Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin (Brighton Spirits Co) is a first-class gin distillery based in Brighton Hove. As one of the original craft gin companies, Brighton Gin offers a selection of products based on the very best ingredients – all handmade from beginning to end. Moving forward, Brighton Gin are expanding into new premises – however improvements were needed to boost efficiency. They were awarded the LoCASE business development grant to help.

We spoke to MD & Founder of Brighton Gin, Kathy Caton, to find out more.

Making a difference

We are now putting in double glazing and insulated roller shutter. We moved into new premises at the beginning of the year that were not insulated at all, and those things have really made a massive difference.

We also bought a hotbox compost bin that is now at this very moment chomping its way through the mash, which is what’s left over after we’ve made the gin. We’ve always been on a mission to have zero waste going to landfill and this will help us achieve that.

The impact

Given the incredible pressures in terms of rising energy costs and uncertainty and the fact we’re in a recession, being able to be in a better insulated unit where we’re not just letting energy, heat and just escaped out of single glazed window is really fundamental.

I think now given the energy crisis this is more important than ever; we all know we should be insulating our homes better and reducing the need energy in the first place.

Doing our part

We should all be doing our part and lowering our energy consumption wherever we can, and this grant can help you do that.

What’s next for Brighton Gin?

Becoming carbon negative is on our agenda. Despite the stresses and strains of the recession and what it’s like being in a manufacturing, which is very challenging. We are still committed towards growing and scaling in an ethical and sustainable way. We will keep using our British made bottles which uses 65% recycled glass and continue to make these choices that make our footprint as small as possible.