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Judge Sampson

Starting out as Judges of Hastings in 1907, Judge Sampson grew to become country’s leading importer and producer of tourist products.

The company worked with the University of Brighton to secure a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP), a three year business transformation project that gives the company access to funding to employ a high-calibre graduate and access to university expertise.

Marketing and process transformation

The project will see digital marketing and business processes transformed, leading to increased productivity, brand recognition and market share, and attract new design clients, whilst maintaining flexible product customisation for customers.

Enhanced product development processes will reduce waste of unwanted products and improved productivity will allow the business to focus more on reducing its environmental impact.

The project will implement innovation across business processes and systems, transforming the business culture from the core. Judge Sampson will get expertise in brand management, digital marketing communications, integrated marketing communications and marketing research from the University of Brighton Business School.

The project will include:

  • Complete digital transformation of the strategic management and marketing of the company
  • Development of a new product portfolio, informed by sector research
  • Full exploration and modernisation of the client management process
  • Design and development of staff training programmes.

Graeme Wolford, Managing Director, said:

“When I talked to the University about some of our business challenges, they suggested the KTP scheme as a way to work together with university academics on a strategic business project which really suited my needs.

Our sights were set on growing the business, so I was keen to look at how we could do things differently. What business would turn down the opportunity to have a ‘gaggle’ of academics, the support of a University and a graduate working on a strategic project?  I have completed many funding applications in my corporate life and have to say that this was one of the simplest and most logical.

To have the team at University of Brighton assisting me was an added bonus. Take a look at your business, admit your short comings, believe in your opportunities and use this process solve problems and enhance the way you work.”


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