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Green Bell Packaging Ltd

Green Bell Packaging develop alternative packaging from biodegradable materials such as starch, vegetable oil, and seaweed. The company’s products are dissolvable and non-toxic and contain no traces of polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

Green Bell Packaging worked with our North Hub, Liverpool John Moores University, through their Low Carbon Innovatory (LCEI) programme.

Science-backed product claims

Green Bell’s products had already been through independent testing, but they wanted further authentication to add scientific weight to their claims.

LCEI partnered the company with an undergraduate student in applied chemistry. Supervised by a lecturer, the student performed a number of tests to analyse how well Green Bell’s product composted.

Both samples were tested to see how they degraded in water and soil over six weeks. The tests showed that when the Green Bell samples were exposed to water, they reduced in mass by up to 35%. When the samples were exposed to water and soil, they showed clear physical degradation under microscopy analysis.

Mechanical stress or rupture testing also showed a clear reduction in the force necessary to break up the samples after prolonged exposure to water and soil. No trace of polyethylene was found in the Green Bell samples.

The company now has university-backed data to help promote the credentials of their product.

Promoting a circular economy

Following the testing, Green Bell went on to launch the UK’s first plastic-free mailing bags. The company is now working with Clean Growth UK to research how they can promote a circular economy in Liverpool.

Green Bell Packaging Founder M Vahid Nagori said:

“We are proud to work with LCEI and Clean Growth UK to research product development and bring innovations to the UK market to eliminate single use plastic.  We have been exploring various combinations to increase applications of our Biobags. We will continue to work with local businesses to improve our products and promote sustainability.”