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Absolar provides intelligent carbon reduction planning and solar feasibility analysis for local authorities and businesses. Founded in 2020 by Dr Phil Wu and Nic Cory, Absolar is a University of Southampton spin out with a mission to address the challenges presented by the climate crisis. 

Our South West hub, the University of Portsmouth’s Greentech South, have been working with the company since April 2020.

A free innovation audit and innovation support

Greentech South referred Absolar to our European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) support project EMphasis3 CO2 Reductions which is led by the University of Portsmouth and supported by Greentech South, and the University of Winchester. Through the EMphasis3 project, Absolar received a free innovation audit and innovation support which led to their successful application for £29,000 of EMphasis3 grant funding to help deliver their Carbon Action Planning Tool (CAPT) project. 

Absolar’s Carbon Action Planning Tool is a state-of-the-art computer software, tailored for local authorities. It is geared to identify buildings within the authority where CO2 emissions can be reduced.

The impact

Today, Absolar is working closely with Portsmouth City Council to provide information for local residents and businesses regarding solar panel costs and outage. Their Switched On Solar scheme currently allows Portsmouth residents to assess the suitability of their home for solar PV at the click of a button! 

Speaking about their experience working with Greentech South and the EMphasis3 programme Nic Cory – Absolar Director said:

Receiving an EMphasis3 grant has helped us open many doors and deliver real impact in our goal of helping property owners and operators dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. Something  that has turned out to be of incredible value to us was the fantastic non-financial support through Greentech South. Whether it be through access to specialist knowledge, their extensive network of driven individuals, fantastic events or access to a marketing plan review, every interaction has added value to our small but passionate team. The EMphasis3 team are always on hand to help us achieve impact in innovative ways and Greentech South is a key pillar in the sizable local low carbon economy and we are proud to be associated with them.”