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Nafici Environmental Research

West Sussex based Nafici Environmental Research produce paper pulp from waste straw and want to see it rival hardwood for commercial paper production.

Using innovation to thrive

They’ve developed a way to produce a white paper pulp from an agricultural waste stream that can be used for everyday paper on a commercial scale.  They want to see their innovative process rival the use of virgin timber in paper production.

Our South East Hub, the University of Brighton, has helped accelerate their journey with commercialisation advice, support with grant funding and awards application, and R&D consultancy.

Florence Miremidi Nafici, Founder of NER, said:

“The University provided us with a consultant to develop our marketing and branding strategy, and they advised on a number of successful grant applications.  The funding enabled us to purchase equipment needed to develop our papermaking process, and reach our ambition of a commercially-competitive paper pulp.”

Accessing university expertise

“We’ve also linked with university academics to explore commercial uses for the by-products of our pulp production process. The University also helped us with an application for a Rushlight Environmental Awards application, which we won!”

“We would never be where we are without the University of Brighton”