Akro Valve

Akro Valve Ltd supply flow control valves and water distribution systems that deliver precise units of flow.

Ambiental Environmental Assessment

Ambiental Environmental Assessment use complex data and sophisticated computer modelling to predict flood risks.


BCMY Ltd re-use and recycle used printer cartridges.

Energy Fairies

Developing an innovative thermal plantation shutter.


Finding an innovative way to recycle healthcare waste.


Making paper pulp from agricultural waste

OSET Bikes

Developing a fully electric adult trials bike.

The Climbing Hangar

Finding a sustainable solution to non-recyclable climbing holds.

The Florrie

Faced with an overheating problem with their building, The Florrie approached Liverpool John Moore University to help them find a solution.

V Solar

Testing the performance of an innovative solar water energy system.


Waterblade, based in Brighton, fits to a tap and reduces


Zedify uses zero-emission electric cargo bikes to run a delivery network around the busy city of Brighton and Hove.