Zedify uses zero-emission electric cargo bikes to run a delivery network around the busy city of Brighton and Hove.

As well as providing global couriers a quick and efficient way to deliver through the congested urban environment, they also deliver food, office supplies, wine, coffee, print media, textiles and documents – whatever their clients need moving – across the city.

After their success in Brighton and Hove, Zedify wanted help to expand into London and beyond so needed a business strategy that did not compromise their values.

Turing to the Green Growth Platform to build their brand, Zedify received expert marketing support to communicate their services and worked with the University of Brighton’s Bright Young Things programme to increase their capacity.

For additional support and mentoring throughout their business journey, the Green Growth Platform also provided Zedify with the peer mentoring service Profitnet.

As a result, the expert marketing support helped Zedify make sense of their purpose and gain a better understand of their audience. With a new gained clarity, they were able to re-brand their services and communicate their offering with ease.

The Bright Young Things Programme enabled Zedify to build capacity by welcoming smart University of Brighton marketing students to their small but very busy enterprise. With the extra enthusiasm and brainpower in their team, Zedify were also able to give the aspiring young marketers real life marketing experience.  

Furthermore, since venturing into new territories can be daunting endeavour, the peer-to-peer support through Profitnet gave Zedify a trusted forum to share their concerns, ideas and successes with the other small business owners – making them more resilient to the challenges that faced them.