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Zedify uses zero-emission electric cargo bikes to run a delivery network around cities in the UK. As well as providing global couriers a quick and efficient way to deliver through the congested urban environment, they also deliver food, office supplies, wine, coffee, print media, textiles and documents – whatever their clients need moving – across cities.

Starting in Brighton and Hove, the company initially wanted help to expand into London and beyond.

Marketing and Communications Support

Our South East hub, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform, provided Zedify with marketing support to help build their brand, and brokered access to the Business School’s Bright Young Things student placement programme to increase capacity.

Peer Mentoring via Profitnet

The Co-founder and COO also attended the University of Brighton’s academically developed Proftnet programme over several years. This peer-to-peer action learning programme has helped him to develop and grow the company into a national network and brand. They have received additional support by being connected to Brighton Business School’s marketing expertise and also been supported in raising investment for their national network via the C&IR service delivered by Brighton and Portsmouth hubs.

Significant growth

Over the period of Clean Growth UK engagement Zedify has grown considerably, now operating in 9 UK cities and with over 100 staff, providing 500,000+ annual deliveries. They raised a significant sum in investment and are recruiting to key positions to support a national franchise roll-out. They’re now now operating integrated zero emission first mile collections in cities that feed into Hermes and DHL for national next-day services.


“[The University of Brighton’s Profitnet programme] really helped me with the biggest business decision I have made. It acted as a non-executive board and at the time it was essential, because I was working fairly isolated. I think when you are in that stage of a business it is hugely valuable.”

Sam Keam, Co-Founder of Zedify