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Are you on a mission to tackle the climate crisis?

Clean Growth UK is a pioneering university-based network of forward-thinking green businesses.


We can help you get new products to market faster, decarbonise your business, and hone your commercial skills.


Everything you need to

drive your clean growth mission,

all free or heavily subsidised.


Join us.


£18 million
raised for members' R&D projects

network members

156 innovative planet-friendly products
and services developed

Three regional hubs, open for business:

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Like a Swiss Army knife for green businesses, we've got everything you need to innovate and grow:

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Innovation Accelerator

Accelerate product development with technical expertise and facilities at one of our university hubs.

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Clean Growth Fast Track

Maximise the commercial success of your innovations.

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Learn new skills with free business workshops.

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Network membership

Access business resources and the latest funding opportunities.

Latest news

New product launch marketing tips

When you’ve worked hard developing a new product or service, launching it into the market is an exciting milestone. It’s the moment the world learns about your new product. You want it to reach the right people with a message that will compel them to find out more. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

We’re sponsoring Green Infrastructure Week

We’re proud to be sponsoring Green Infrastructure Week this year. The week is an opportunity to come together and focus on the technologies needed to create a net zero society. It’s happening from 25 April to 29 April.

Introducing: The Help to Grow Programme

Do you want to boost your business’ long-term performance? Increase productivity and achieve sustainable growth? Discover how the Help to Grow management course can accelerate your business and make a difference.

Using a university for product testing

Did you know you can partner with a university to get rigorous, scientifically-backed product performance data?

Clean Growth UK is delivered through its three regional university hubs

Businesses can access support and expertise across any hub: a truly connected green business network.

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