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Check out talks and conversations from our popular Future of… event series.

Future of Energy

Introduction to Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Energy as a service

Exponential march of solar energy

Hydrogen economy

State of the Nation

Future of Transport

Future of Transport

Future of Materials

A Sustainable Materials Business Journey

Energise your business with a KTP

The Circular Economy - What's Taking So Long?

An Introduction to a Zero Waste Shopping Platform

Developing Infrastructure for Compostable Packaging

In Conversation with the Climbing Hangar

In Conversation with Medisort

Future of Food

Should we stop producing meat?

How to grow a Circular Food Business

In Conversation with HISBE

In Conversation with Greens for Good by Farm Urban

Future of Sustainable Aquaculture

Feeding the Nation - Insights from Oddbox

The Future of Cities

A new approach to roofrop solar assessment

The road to ZERO

The Future of Nature

Blue Carbon - a Discussion

In conversation with Dominic Buscalll from Wild Ken Hill

Debate... Is tree planting just lip service?

The Future of Housing

The Future of Housing

The Future of Energy

The Future of Energy