It’s lonely at the top. As a business leader you make decisions that can shape your future every day. How do you know you’re on the right path?

Profitnet is a business growth programme developed by the University of Brighton that provides you with a group of peers – seasoned business leaders just like you – to bounce ideas off, share challenges and work out solutions, together.

Each group comes together once a month in a series of confidential, personalised meetings and masterclasses. You’ll learn how other leaders overcome problems, and get a fresh perspective on challenges you’re facing. You’ll all support each other to find the right path. 

Over a thousand business leaders have benefited from Profitnet, and 91% said that it improved their planning and strategic skills.

It’s a great way to add experience to your business, and get the views of others in a safe but testing environment. It’s just like having your own board of non-executive directors.

“The ability to have a group who I can bounce ideas and issues off is invaluable.”

Nigel Bamford, Waterblade

Current groups recruiting

There aren’t currently any Profitnet groups running, but we plan to launch one in autumn 2021 to begin in January 2022. Watch this space!