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Introducing: The Help to Grow Programme

Do you want to boost your business’ long-term performance? Increase productivity and achieve sustainable growth? Discover how the Help to Grow management course can accelerate your business and make a difference.

What is the Help to Grow programme?

Business leaders across the UK will receive business support as part of a new Government programme this spring. Presented by world class business schools, the University of Brighton’s very own School of Business and Law will be taking part by delivering to business leaders to support long-term growth. The University of Brighton has a long history working with SME’s and a strong record of delivering growth programmes.

Only business schools who have been awarded the Small Business Charter by the Chartered Association of Business Schools can deliver this programme, with the University of Brighton’s School of Business and Law gaining accreditation in December 2011.

Businesses from any sector can benefit from the Help to Grow programme with 90% of the cost funded by the government, with you paying an overall cost of £750 for the entire programme. Being delivered to 30,000 SME’s over 3 years – could you be one of them?

How can it benefit my business?

Around 20% of businesses fail within their first year in the UK – with 60% not making it past five years. This is due to a variety of reasons, with not having a long-term strategy being a common factor. Although an unsettling statistic – Here to Grow is here to help. The aim of this programme is strengthening your business’s future to ensure sustainable growth.

This bespoke 12-week programme will bring many benefits to your business. From training to developing a bespoke 1:1 business plan, this programme will get your business to its full potential. It’s been designed to be taken alongside full-time work, providing a combination of online and face-to face sessions. It’ll enable you to implement change in your business by identifying the best practices to take. Your capabilities in the following areas will be supported during the in-depth curriculum:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Digital adoption
  • Employee engagement
  • Marketing
  • Responsible business
  • Financial management

You’ll be supported by an experienced business mentor and given the opportunity to network with businesses just like yours. Clean Growth UK will be contributing to this programme by providing some of mentoring support available.

This course is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and understand what drives productivity in the workplace, making you more efficient than ever. Through the programme key domestic and export markets for your businesses will be identified, with strategies being developed accordingly. You’ll identify tools used and understand how to innovate your business model.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have your own Growth Action Plan, uniquely tailored to the needs of your business.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this support, you must be a SME based in the UK and employ between 5 to 249 people. You must have been operational for at least a year and not be a charity.

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