Marketing is crucial for any business, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are 5 low cost approaches for getting your message out there:


Let your customers do the talking

Your existing customers should be your best salespeople, because their views carry far more weight than anything you say about yourself. So let your customers do the talking for you, and create a strategy that encourages and drives referrals to your business.

Tesla are good at this. New customers who generate referrals get 1,000 free supercharge miles added to their account. Plenty of energy companies also have refer-a-friend scheme, where both parties get a discount. By incentivising referrals, you’re encouraging your customers to act as your salespeople.


Become a publisher

The digital age means that anybody can publish content online, and many businesses are doing so very effectively. It’s a great way to demonstrate your expertise and relevance, and provide some value to your audience. Blog on subjects that resonate with your audience and be of use to them, such as simple how-to guides – like this one!

Michelin are the widely recognised as the pioneers of content marketing. The French tyre company began producing guidebooks, because they knew their customers enjoyed travelling to restaurants in the French countryside in their cars. The guidebooks were of great use, and they also encouraged driving – which in turn increased the demand for tyres.


Enter Awards

Awards are a great way to get publicity, and you don’t even have to win. Shortlisted entries will be part of the award organiser’s marketing machine, so you’ll likely get lots of fresh exposure on social media and elsewhere online.

There are plenty of awards in the sustainability space, and regional business awards will usually have a green business category that you can enter.


Become a go-to source

Journalists are always looking for an expert to offer an informed soundbite when a story breaks. Why not position yourself as that expert, and get some free publicity? It’s a great way to demonstrate your thought leadership, contribute to your industry and build a reputation as a mover and shaker in your industry.


Tune in to your customers on social media

Social media is a great place to connect and engage with your customers, especially if you’re B2B.

React to events and conversations within your customers and industry. Join trending news topics, hashtags and tag appropriate handles to create a conversation – don’t be afraid to be social!

Big brands are great at this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you. Look at Innocent Drinks, whose social media posts are not actually about smoothies or their products at all. Instead, they use social media to connect with their audience and express their playful, fun, and creative brand personality.