Get to know our Member Businesses and the people behind them in our series. This month we speak to Jeremy Pitts of Jeremy Pitts Ltd.

Name: Jeremy Pitts

Business: Jeremy Pitts Ltd

Clean Growth UK Hub: University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform (South East)

How did you find out about the Green Growth Platform?

Through conversations with Locate East Sussex.

Can you sum up what Jeremy Pitts Ltd does in 1 or 2 sentences?

Primarily the design and making of furniture, timber cabins and other projects that involve wood.

What inspired you to start your Business?

A wish to actively combine design, materials and making. Working from within a design office – as I had been previously – limits your ability to understand and explore the wider potential that becomes apparent when you’re in front of what you’re going to make something from.

What do you think makes Jeremy Pitts Ltd special?

The sourcing of exceptional materials and a traditional approach to craft & making within simple, sustainable and thoughtfully detailed modern design.

What are the main challenges you are currently facing in your business today?

Finding enough clear time to think and design.

What is your highlight at Jeremy Pitts Ltd to date?

It’s a rolling one, and maybe not surprising, but I find it particularly rewarding that the people who commission my work are, increasingly, those whose values I share and with whom I have an empathy.

Knowing all the things you know now, would you have gone about starting your business differently?

Making better and more timely decisions about when to hand over those things I’m not good at, or interested in, to others who are.

What’s next for Jeremy Pitts Ltd?

I’m very excited about the development of my cabin projects…………