Get to know our Member Businesses and the people behind them in our series, 10 Questions.

Name: Joe Reynolds, Business Development Manager at SmartLourve

Business: SmartLouvre

Clean Growth UK Hub: Greentech South (South West)


What inspired you to start your business? 

Smartlouvre hopes to be an Engineering hub for training apprentices whilst at the same time becoming a significant supplier into the markets of human and environmental comfort and energy conservation.

What do you think makes SmartLouvre special?

It is entirely unique and only manufactured here in the UK. It combines in just one window protection product more performance achievements than any other product.

What are the main challenges you are currently facing in your business today?

Routes to Market and making the product known.

How did you find out about Greentech South?

Following a local very successful installation the client provided us with the contact details.

What is your highlight at SmartLouvre to date?

Re-launching a previously well established product that had been largely allowed to “sleep” due to expansion of other sides of the business.

The product is now sold around the World as the Distributors develop their own markets. 

Also winning apprentice of the year in 2016.

Knowing all the things you know now, would you have gone about starting your business differently?

A better understanding of social media marketing skills and promotion. We are currently working with Pallant Digital to develop this. 

What inspires you?

The fact that we have a very individual and unique product that is ideally suited in todays ongoing need for energy saving.

What is next for SmartLouvre?

Ideally “World domination” but to get the product and all the added benefits it provides known to as many parties as possible.