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23 February 2022
10:00am - 12:30pm
Virtual on Hopin

The Future of Housing

There are almost 25 million houses in the UK. They account for about 15% of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Alongside transport, energy, and business, the carbon footprint of housing is one of the hard nuts we need to crack if we’re going to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. We need disruptive thinking and decisive action.

Join us to hear what the future could hold from housing professionals, business innovators, and academics. We’ll explore the technology, regulations, and behaviour change needed to make housing carbon neutral.


Welcome and Introduction from Clean Growth UK – Tony Seasman from Liverpool John Moores University and Clean Growth UK

In Conversation with Rightsized Limited – Nick Cooper, Director at Rightsized Limited

Decarbonise the housing sector – challenges and opportunities – In Conversation with Dr Brenda Boardman

Dr Brenda Boardman’s main research focus is on energy efficiency and the way that energy is used in British homes, particularly low-income households. She is widely viewed as one of the most experienced in her field and was awarded an MBE in 1998 for her work on energy efficiency.

How can we fill the Future of Housing skills gap? – In Conversation With Danielle Belton from Saving Energy UK

Danielle Belton is the Managing Director and owner of Saving Energy Ltd, a company specialising in the retrofit of Energy Efficiency Measures. Danielle will be joining us to discuss how we can fill the Future of Housing skills gap. 

Is net zero realistic? – In Conversation With Dr Aaron Gillich

Dr Aaron Gillich is an Associate Professor of Energy and Building Systems Engineering. Aaron has a background in engineering and policy research, and a decade of experience applying research projects focused on reducing carbon emissions from buildings.

Sustainable Housing Design – In Conversation with Giorgia Franco from Berkeley Group

Giorgia Franco is an experienced sustainability professional currently providing in-house environmental and sustainability advice to housing developer Berkeley Homes and will be joining us at the Future of Housing to discuss sustainable housing design.