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25 February 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm

The Future of Food

The Future of Food: sustainable solutions to feed ten billion people by 2050. 

What does the Future of Food really look like? Synthetic meats? Bizarre protein sources or mass food production on a scale never seen before? How can we tackle the world’s climate emergency and help people eat healthy, nutritious diets at the same time?

Presented by Clean Growth UK, this virtual event on 25 February 2021 will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and academics to share their insights into the future of food production.

Expect lively debate, a window into the future, and the chance to network with like-minded business leaders and changemakers.

The programme includes:

In Conversation with Hisbe

HISBE stands for How It Should Be. A supermarket who want to transform the food industry by challenging the way big supermarkets do business.

In Conversation with Greens for Good

Using cutting-edge hydroponic technologies we grow our greens in space-saving vertical towers in the heart of Liverpool.

Through the Keyhole with In The Loop Drinks

Meet founder Gnina Balchin as she takes us behind the scenes to look at some of the botanicals used to make In The Loop Vermouths.

How many kilowatt hours are required to grow a tomato in the UK?

Faye Tomson, CEO and founder of District Eating shares her business journey – one person’s waste is another person’s growing power.

How to grow a circular food business

Bio-bean Executive Director and CCO George May shares his insights on how to grow a circular food business.

Meet the Food Innovators Expo

Your opportunity to visit the virtual exhibition showroom. Meet the organisations enabling the Future of Food.

Future of sustainable aquaculture

Jayne Brookman, Acting Director of EIT Food North-West explores the future of sustainable aquaculture.

Should we stop producing meat?

Our panel of experts discuss whether we should stop producing meat altogether to tackle the climate emergency.


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Tickets cost £2 per person. Legacy Events are donating the proceeds from ticket sales to the Trussell Trust, a charity who provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.