The Future of Energy

Energy has been disrupted and will never be the same again.

The energy system of the future will not look like today’s. The traditional way of sending electrons and gas molecules down wires and pipes is ripe for innovation. Energy businesses of the future will provide those services cheaply and efficiently, using cleaner technologies and digital enablers.

Join the energy conversation on 28 July 2020 to discuss the Future of Energy, with Ripple Energy, Repowering London and more.

Presented by Clean Growth UK, this virtual event will include keynote talks and a Q&A session about the innovative solutions on offer, and what a low carbon future may look like. There will also be 1-2-1 business support and networking opportunities available for all attendees, along with access to the Clean Growth UK exhibition showroom.

‘The Future of Energy’ series is part of the wider ‘Future of’ national event programme to help drive the green economy.

Speakers will be announced soon!