Sales development for start ups

Would you like to increase sales? Approach sales conversations with confidence and a clear strategy in mind?

Our sales development for start-ups workshop is designed to help you maximise the potential of sales opportunities and boost your conversion rate.

You’ll come away understanding the key steps in winning business and how to:

  • Plan a sales campaign with SMART objectives
  • Research clients before approaching them, so you’re fully prepared
  • Make qualified appointments with decision-makers
  • Build a rapport with prospects
  • Understand buyer motivations and needs with active listening
  • Handle objections
  • Qualify buyer decision-making processes
  • Analyse and overcome your competition

Pre-course prep

To get the most out of the workshop, attendees are asked to consider their personal strengths and areas for improvement, prepare personal learning objectives, and relate to a new business opportunity.


About the trainer

Clive Bonny is a Clean Growth UK Strategic Adviser. He set up his own training consultancy Strategic Management Partners after a successful career in sales management. Since 1990 he has won new business across the public and private sectors with corporates, SME’s, local authorities, national government and trade bodies.