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9 February 2022
9:30am - 12:00pm

Become your own market research expert

Would you like deeper insight into your target audience and a greater understanding of the emerging trends driving your market?

This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to carry out market research yourself.

You’ll come away with the ability to unearth research-driven insights that will elevate your marketing, brand, and pitches to investors and funders.

The workshop will be highly interactive with breakout sessions tailored to your own situation. You’ll focus on methods you can implement yourself.

You’ll cover:

  • How to write a research brief
  • Data collection techniques
  • Desk research
  • Getting qualitative data
  • Making sense of data
  • When to turn to the experts

About the trainer

Jane Hales is the co-founder of the award-winning Sapio Research. Sapio Research is a full-service, quantitative and qualitative market research company supporting Brands and Agencies to make confident decisions or achieve extraordinary headlines. They do this through ABC: Audience, Brand and Content Research.

Jane delivers market research training, mentoring and scaling up business support, as well as advising on data collection solutions in the UK and overseas.


Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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