An introduction to the art of sales for green innovators

An introduction to sales strategy: helping you close more deals, convert leads and grow revenue. Focussing on green credentials, this workshop will teach practical sales tips and help you build a powerful sales toolkit.

This taster session will also give you an overview and insight into our full Art of Sales workshops series, starting in early 2021. It’s designed for businesses with a thorough knowledge of their market and target customer, who are ready to build a sales strategy and develop techniques.

The full workshop series will build the skills and confidence of a core group of highly scalable Clean Growth UK members and help them develop their ability to build a sustainable sales pipeline over time.

In this 60 minute taster you’ll cover:

  • The Art of sales – an introduction to selling
  • An introduction to pitching
  • An introduction into how to start attracting customers (price, package and productising)
  • An introduction to the sales process
  • An overview of how to use data sources
  • An insight into building referral and partner relationships
  • Eligibility, next steps and what to prepare for the full workshop series


Who’s it for?

This workshop is for ambitious green businesses who are developing new green or clean products and services and are clear on their target customers and marketing channels and ready to sign up customers.

Ideally you should be ready to take products or services to market and have a solid understanding of your:

  • Mission, vision and value proposition
  • Market segments, who you are targeting and why
  • Positioning and their sustainable competitive advantage.


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