V-Solar are a company who have brought together various technologies to design an innovative Solar Water Energy system.

Their product uses new panel material that has higher efficiency compared with traditional materials currently on the market.

Product testing

The company approached Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory, which Liverpool John Moores University is a part of, to test the system and after designing and building the system themselves, LCEI have used a range of technology such as sensors, flow meters, data-loggers etc. to monitor the system over a 12 month period.

Access to University facilities

Working with LCEI has allowed the company to access expertise and facilities at the university and the detailed report, outlining the performance and efficiency, will allow them to prove that the system has been tested by an independent third party.

Ultimately, it is hoped that the company will introduce a new product to the market that will not only help the business to grow, but will also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.