Total Foot Protection Ltd specialise in designing, manufacturing and distributing products, goods, and services to the farriery  and veterinary industry across UK and Europe. Total Foot Protection identified their lighting to be a big part of their operational costs, accessing the LoCASE Grant to help. We spoke to Mark Spriggs, the Financial Director of Total Foot Protection to find out more. 

Describe what your business does: 

“Total Foot Protection Ltd is a wholesale business supplying the farriery industry, vets, and horse owners. We sell everything connected with horse shoeing and lameness solutions. The company is owned by three practicing farriers with many years of experience.”

What has the LoCASE grant been spent on? 

“We’ve spent the LoCASE grant on LED Lighting right throughout the warehouse and office. Everything has been put over to LED Lighting.”

What impact has this had on your business? 

“Since energy prices have escalated so much, we should be getting a much quicker return. Lighting was our most expensive part of the business. 

We are concerned about the potential impact of the economic downturn. We have invested in replacing our lighting with LED lighting as one measure to reduce the day to day operational costs, we’ll have some idea of what we’re saving when the next lot of bills costs to enable the company to come through these times. We will have to look back historically to see the amount we were using and compare it. Forecasts given were five to seven years repayment of investment, with electricity going up I think it’ll only repay itself quicker.”

Would you recommend LoCASE to other businesses? 

“I would, absolutely. Let’s put it blunt – free money! This seemed to be very applicable for us.”