The Climbing Hangar is a national climbing chain that aims to use climbing to inspire and help people feel good about themselves.

Climbing is a growing sport and the Climbing Hangar has significant growth ambitions and sustainability is at the heart of their growth.

The Climbing Hangar approached Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory because they buy holds made out of polyester and polyurethane that go smooth too quickly, cannot be refurbed or recycled and the price is rising fast, a perfect storm for a sustainable solution to supply chain problems.

As a result, LCEI has set up student projects to carry out abrasion testing and also to explore ways to retexture the holds in order to extend their life and reduce the 10,000 tonnes sent to landfill.

LCEI is also exploring funding options in order to support the Climbing Hangar with their longer term objective to develop a world first in a new material substrate to manufacture holds that can be refurbished and finally recycled.

“The support that we are receiving from LCEI is critical because sustainability is at the heart of our expansion but the R&D is far beyond our expertise, they have been brilliant in helping us find where science meets commercial needs”.

Ged MacDomhnaill
Managing Director, Climbing Hangar