Healthcare waste solutions

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership will develop waste treatment and material recovery processes to facilitate the development of novel products from bulk offensive waste.

The company 

Medisort collects, processes and disposes of healthcare waste in the Southeast of England, including single use instruments, sharps, medicinal waste and absorbent hygiene products from a range of customers. A significant proportion of these products are children’s nappies and adult incontinence products.

Medisort aim to deliver a bespoke service to all customers which maximises segregation, ensures full compliance, delivers cost reductions and reduces environmental impact.

Project timescale

A three year project, beginning at the end of January 2018.

Project aims

By embedding specialist knowledge, this Knowledge Transfer Partnership project aims to develop waste treatment and material recovery processes, enhancing segregation and recyclability of bulk offensive waste materials from the healthcare sector. These new processes will lead to the development of novel products and will involve embedding analytical chemistry expertise, incorporating microbiology and biomaterials expertise. The new bulk product will be taken to market, along the principles of the circular economy, valorising this particular waste stream.


Following a successful capability study, undertaken through support from the Green Growth Platform, Medisort sought to collaborate on this strategic project with the university, accessing the expertise brought by the academic team to successfully develop this new capability in the business.

Our approach and expertise

The project team will utilise diverse, but complementary, expertise in analytical chemistry, microbiology and biomaterials to initially design and test appropriate separation and recovery techniques, including decontamination protocols at laboratory scale.
This will inform the subsequent steps to design and test prototype equipment and set up a permanent laboratory on site, work with the supply chain and develop a marketing strategy for the novel products.